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Send beautifully designed emails to reach your customers and prospects directly.
aMail allows you to take control of your brand. Emails are custom designed just for you, and we don’t put our branding in your emails.

Create and Send Email Campaigns

aMail has a graphical interface, allowing you to easily create and send emails. We’ll custom design templates you can reuse for all of your campaigns, or you can import your own. Setup autoresponders to keep your subscribers updated regularly.

Manage Lists and Subscribers

Store as many subscribers as you need without worrying about limits. You’re charged per sent campaign, not number of subscribers. Freely segment your subscribers into lists for added flexibility and targeting. aMail will take care of bounces and unsubscribes automatically.

Reporting and Analytics

aMail’s impressively designed reports allow you to track opens and clicks. Integrate the system with Google Analytics to further track sales, conversions, and ROI.

Deliverability and Data Security

Email marketing doesn’t work unless your emails get there. We take the following steps to ensure your campaigns are delivered and secure.

  • Human approval process
  • ISP feedback loop integration
  • Support for DomainKeys and Sender ID
  • Smart bounce processing
  • Whitelisted at major ISP’s
  • Hosted at fully redundant data center
  • Industry leading mail servers
  • Run your email through spam filters
  • 3rd party deliverability support
  • Strict permission policy
  • Delivering over multiple IP’s
  • Constantly monitored blacklists