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Altum Design Secures Large Grant for CGARS

NorthJersey.com / Verona-Cedar Grove Times

The Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad recently received a grant from technology giant Google that the squad hopes will increase its visibility on the web and bring in more, much-needed donations.

The squad received the funds through Google Grants, a program that supports organizations that share the company’s philosophy of community service in areas such as science and technology and global public health.

The grant will help improve online traffic flow to the squad’s website and increase donations and awareness of fundraisers, training programs and other events, according to CGARS President Scott Larson.

Township resident William Wnekowicz, a former member of the rescue squad, helped CGARS obtain the grant. Wnekowicz, who is the founder of the Cedar Grove-based web development company Altum Design Studios, also helped the squad update its website earlier this year.

It is the best squad in the area and their acceptance of technology helps them a great deal in providing better emergency care,” Wnekowicz said in an e-mail.

Google Grants is designed for registered non-profit organizations and allows the selected organizations to use AdWords, Google’s flagship advertising product, to promote their missions free of charge.

AdWords allows advertisements for a participating organization to show up in a Google user’s search results when he or she types in certain related keywords.

Google doesn’t allow recipients of Google Grants to discuss the grant’s dollar amount, but Wnekowicz said a site he previously obtained funds for now draws about one-third of its traffic from the grant.