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Altum Design offers online products and services that help businesses increase their revenue and non-profits further their missions. Our products include aPress — a content management solution, aMail - an email marketing system, and aChat - a live web chat application.

We work with you closely to consult on strategy, develop websites, implement campaigns, and analyze the results.

About the Founder

William Wnekowicz graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where he studied Management (MGMT) and Operations and Information Management (OPIM).

During his time at Georgetown, he co-founded Debatepedia.org, a non-profit joint project of DebateMedia, Inc. and the International Debate Education Association, which has become the Wikipedia for argumentation and debate. He managed its software development project, which adapted MediaWiki to a logic-tree debate structure. The site has to-date attracted over 4 million readers and editors.

William is now focused on building Altum Design. The company focuses on online sales strategies through the use of web development, online marketing, and other technologies.